Many individuals throughout the world experience gustatory rhinitis at one point in their lives. As one of the most common medical conditions in the world, gustatory rhinitis is generally brought to the attention of the individual because of a runny nose.

When the interior of the nose becomes inflamed and/or irritated there are a variety of different symptoms that are experienced including: runny nose, congestion, and a post nasal drip. The reason as to why these symptoms are experienced is because of the mucous membranes of the nose becoming inflamed, also known as gustatory rhinitis. There are a variety of different medical factors that can cause gustatory rhinitis ranging from viral infections to a simple reaction to environmental factors.

Types of Rhinitis

There are three general types of rhinitis: infective, allergic, and non-allergic. With infective rhinitis individuals will have gained this medical condition via a viral or bacterial infections whereas with allergic rhinitis, individuals will experience this from allergens in the air or in the surrounding area. As for non-allergic rhinitis there are a variety of other subcategories including vasomotor, autonomic, hormonal, atrophic, drug-induced, rhinitis medicamentosa, and gustatory rhinitis.


One of the most common symptoms that is experienced when an individual has gustatory rhinitis is a runny nose which generally will occur after eating a specific spicy food or consuming a specific type of drink. Other individuals can expect to experience fits of sneezing or congested sinuses. When a type of food that is ingested by the individual includes a variety of different preservatives and dyes, gustatory rhinitis is also most likely to be experienced. As per the aforementioned points, gustatory rhinitis is a type of reaction that is experienced due to the consumption of specific foods, mostly hot and/or spicy foods.


The most prevalent cure for those looking to get rid of gustatory rhinitis is to avoid eating foods and consuming beverages that prompt the uncomfortable feeling of the runny nose and the congestion. Antihistamines have also proven to be a beneficial way to prevent any of the symptoms that are experienced while eating spicy foods. Much like many other medical conditions, treatment varies depending on patient to patient.

Gustatory rhinitis is commonly experienced by a variety of different individuals throughout the world who ingest particular foods on a daily basis. Considering that the symptoms that are experienced by those with gustatory rhinitis can be troublesome, avoiding hot and/or spicy foods can prove to be quite advantageous.

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